Code geass meets Naruto

This is when lelouch first got his geass
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 Rules of the site

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PostSubject: Rules of the site   Wed Jun 24, 2009 2:43 pm

1: listen to admin and mods
2: cussing is fine but not too much
3: be nice no hating on this site
4: yoai and yuri can only be done in homes or the yuri/yoai rp section
5: love rp's can be done in homes and the love rp section
6: rp's in the love rp section will only count if everyone involved agrees
7: Have fun

1: ask if you want to be a mod only ask me
2: don't ban anyone for no reason
3: only five global mods
4: ifinite cb mods
5: only good rpers can become admins
6: you can approve characters and other things

1: be fair to everyone
2: no one can make global mods except me
3: anyone can make someone a cb mod
4: listen to head admin (me)
5: put all apporved characters in the approved character forum

1: no atuomatic kages the highest rank you can get without working is chuunin
2: any kage can give out missions
3: only 20 uchiha's
4: only 3 sannin per village
5: only 10 jounin per village
6: academy, genin, and chuunin are ifinite
7: only five characters in all
8: put all your jutsus , even canon justus, either in your app or jutsu app
9: one geass per person, not account
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Rules of the site
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