Code geass meets Naruto

This is when lelouch first got his geass
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 Lelouch lamperouge

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PostSubject: Lelouch lamperouge   Wed Jun 24, 2009 3:38 pm

Name: Lelouch

Age: 17

Nationality: britanian

Faction: black knights

Job/Occupation: student and leader of black knights

Gender: male


Special Characteristics: extremely smart, and has mind controling geass

Knightmare Frame:

Biography: Lelouch is a tall, slender teenager with black (or dark auburn) hair and deep, purple eyes. He has an almost delicate frame, and as Lelouch is not a very physically strong person, this makes sense. He's 5'10", has sharp features that make him appear very intense (especially when he's angry or insane).

At the time of Lelouch's arrival at Econtra, he is dressed as Zero, the alias Lelouch has taken up as a terrorist to the Britannian government in Japan. As Zero, Lelouch is dressed in a dark blue unitard with flared leg bottoms and sleeves. It has a gold pattern, on the top part along the edges where the outfit zips up, then down the middle of the pants. The cuffs are also lined with gold fabric, and the sleeve ends are a lighter blue with a fancy gold fabric design on it. Around his neck, Lelouch (as Zero) wears a white cravat with a dark scarf pin in the middle. Under this is a thin black material that he usually wears pulled up over his face, up to below his eyes. Over the unitard, Zero wears a cape that reaches near the bottom of his pants. The top of the cape flares up around his head, and the cape clasps together on the right, near his shoulder. The cape is dark blue like the rest of his outfit, with gold lining; the inside of the cape is red. On his head, Zero wears a mask that goes over his head, like a helmet. The front of the mask is a large purple oval through which Zero can see, and yet prevents anyone from seeing his face. The rest of the helmet is black; the face of the mask is round, but at the top, and on both sides of his face, it spikes up. The back of the mask can retract when he slips it off, otherwise the mask is generally secured on his head. There is a portion of the front of the mask, right in front of his left eye, that can pull away. On his hands, Lelouch wears black gloves.
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Lelouch lamperouge
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