Code geass meets Naruto

This is when lelouch first got his geass
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 C.C the Immortal

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PostSubject: C.C the Immortal   Wed Jun 24, 2009 3:48 pm

Name: C.C

Age: she looks a bit over 16 but she is much much older

Birth Place: Unknown

Nationality: Unknown

Faction: What group does your character follow? The Order of the Black Knights

Job/Occupation: None

Gender: Female


Special Characteristics: Ability to grant anybody a Geass. Immortal, Heals from any wounds.

Knightmare Frame: Here is where you tell what type/ the name of the Knightmare you have.

Biography: Before she gained the power of Geass, C.C. was a ten-year-old orphaned slave. A nun gave C.C. the power of Geass that made everyone fall in love with her, believing that only the nun cared about her. However, when C.C.'s power evolved to its highest point, the nun revealed that she never cared for C.C. and forced the girl to kill her and acquire her immortality. A shock sequence in the first season finale shows memories of her past, including repeated "deaths" of different types spanning centuries. She claims to have entered into contracts with hundreds of people over her lifetime, almost none of which could reach the point of taking on her immortality.
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PostSubject: Re: C.C the Immortal   Wed Jun 24, 2009 3:51 pm

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C.C the Immortal
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