Code geass meets Naruto

This is when lelouch first got his geass
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 Code geass Canon character template

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PostSubject: Code geass Canon character template   Wed Jun 24, 2009 3:00 pm




Faction: What group does your character follow? The Order of the Black Knights or Britannia? (N/A for Students)

Job/Occupation: Is he/she a student? A soldier, a member of the Order of Black Knights, etc.


Appearance: What your character looks like and wears. Try and include a picture but if you cannot, just describe him/her as best as you can.

Special Characteristics: Does your character have any traits or characteristics that aren't normal, like split personalities, etc.

Knightmare Frame: Here is where you tell what type/ the name of the Knightmare you have.

Biography: This is a detailed story about your characters life/history. Try to make it at least a paragraph long and please be creative.
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Code geass Canon character template
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